How we give


why water?

In short, because we can't live without it. For us there was also a natural connection between selling Yuhme's water bottle and subsequently providing 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic. According to Wateraid there is over 650million people who lack access to safe water, with a further 2.3 billion who don't have access to adequate sanitation. The vast majority of these live in sub-saharan Africa and the water crisis is just one of many issues facing the most neglected people on this planet. 

Why we can't solve all the problems these people face on a daily basis, we must start somewhere and access to clean water and sanitation allows people to start putting their efforts into other areas. For example, children into school because they don't need to walk great distances to fetch dirty water that then only makes them sick with amebic dystenery, hep A, Cholera and Typhoid. It's time for us all to stand up for these people because that is exactly what they are, people!

Why water for good?

In their own words, " We are working ourselves out of a job." They are committed to supplying the whole of the CAR with water but through engaging the local communities and involving them. This is the key, in our eyes, to solving the problem. The local communities must be given the necessary skills and responsibility to take care of themselves. It is the only way that the CAR and indeed any other community can build a long-lasting legacy of independence and self-sustainability. Water for Good also focuses heavily on preventative maintanance so that they dont have to keep rebuilding expensive water infrastructure. They maintain over 1000 wells across the country that serves around 500 000 with clean and reliable drinking water. Being a smaller charity but focused in only one country makes this goal realistic, and it means your money has a graeter impact as opposed to giving it to a much larger organisation. Remember that the first step out of poverty is clean water!

Why should we care?

Because we're all human and we should take care and responsibility for those of us whose daily battle is just to survive. Even if we all wanted to help, of which there are many that do, in our day to day lives it is extremely difficult to find a way or time to do that. But us and many more businesses are now commiting to the 'purpose economy' because it is a way for all of us to stand together and make a difference. This is the very essence of what Yuhme represents and will continue to represent. You as a person who buys one of our products will directly contribute to making someones life better and most importantly give them the dignity to create a better life for themselves.