Yuhme Tribe

Have you ever wanted to make a difference? Do something that is bigger than yourself? Help others? Or fulfill your own inner dream of a higher purpose?

We have noticed that in our journey on trying to make a difference that we all need to work together. That is something that the world of Social Entrepreneurship really has taught us. We are you and you are us. Yuhme is our way of sharing our view and dream of the future, but Yuhme is also yours. Your platform to use for the greater good.

The power of Social Media has done great things for us, selling all over the world already after only four months. People are coming together that want to do good for humanity and the earth they walk on. However, there is one thing more magical than this. The personal meeting- when you sit down with one person, look them in the eyes, your undevoted attention, the ability to read reactions, to hug and to inspire.

As people leading with our hearts, this is what we see for us and you. We are on the hunt for our Yuhme Tribe, the ambassadors, the passionate, the inspirational, the people that see that one single person’s actions matter.

Maybe you want share our message with the world, get your family to buy gifts with a purpose for Christmas, host your own event for clean water, get your sports team to drink out of a renewable resource, the options are endless. What matters is we do this together as the Yuhme Tribe and that we keep in mind that we can all make a difference.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Yuhme Tribe please email us at alex.nash@yuhme.se . We will be searching for the entire month of April just in time to get that water drinking sorted for the summer.


Much love Alex & Alex


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