Yuhme is 3- Make a Well not a Wish

So where did that go? It seems like only yesterday that we were running around trying to get our start-up off the ground and now we’re sitting here 3 years later having donated over 51,528 months of clean water (including 3 co-funded wells) in the Central African Republic, avoided 19,441,814 single use water bottles going to landfill, and avoided the same level of CO2 as planting 14 868 trees.

So, give yourselves a big round of applause because it is you guys and girls, the consumers that have created that just by making a choice to buy something that gives back.

What are we doing to celebrate this occasion? Well, with it being Yuhme we naturally want to do something that encourages giving back to the people in the Central African Republic, the Earth and something that gives back to you, our loyal followers.

Therefore, we are naming our birthday week  “Make a Well not a Wish” to try and encourage each and every one of us to give as much clean water as we can this holiday season. We have created some beautiful content of the impact that we have made together in the form of the video and pictures shown in our newsletter. They will also appear on our social media during the upcoming week. Please feel free to share and reshare it with your tribes all across the world, because we have already proven that we can make a difference together.

Naturally there are some extra goodies happening during this week.

  • You can buy 2 Yuhme bottles for the price of 1 use the code “I am A Legend”
  • Every order gets a complementary compostable rye straw from @rawstrawse
  • All the people placing orders during our Birthday week (Nov 25th-Dec 1st) will be in the running for a candle kit from @candelize 

Let’s make this holiday season a giving one in more ways than one. Let’s think about someone else before we think about what we’re getting. Give something that gives a whole lot more and that will keep on giving water to the people of the CAR. 

Together, let’s make a well not a wish!


Alex & Alex


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