Why we do, what we do- the sugarcane water bottle that really gives back

Drum roll please……….!! So in my ever increasing futility to write better blog posts I might have  overlooked one small factor that is actually the reason of why we do, what we do. So you all know that for every bottle we sell we give 6 months clean water to someone in the Central African Republic through our partner Water for Good. But we actually donate to a specific village in the Central African Republic called Gbokoulou, this is why we do, what we do. It’s that simple!

A community of Bayaka Pygmies that is currently 200 people but was as high as 800 people at one time but has probably undergone displacement of its people due to the civil war that raged in the CAR between 2012-2014. This is Yuhme's Community in the CAR, they are Yuhme’s WHY! A community of a country that is rebuilding after a civil war that displaced 600,000 people within the CAR and a further 500,000 who fled to neighbouring countries. So, a country with a population of 4.5 million saw 1.1 million of its people displaced, a quarter of its population! That’s a pretty terrifying war and one you have probably never heard of, like so many of the conflicts in Africa, and these people need a voice and that is what Yuhme represents; a voice for those that have none.

But this is the beauty of Yuhme, in amongst the death of war, it’s you, the consumer, who decides upon how loud these people’s voices are going to be. And together we can make it a deafening roar! That is the potential impact you can have on a community of people, in another country by just choosing to buy our water bottle over another. Now, you help to fund clean water for the people of Gbokoulou but as we grow we have the potential to do so much more together. Maybe we can fund the building of a school or a community centre. Maybe we can fund education for the children or trade skills for the adults. Maybe we can change a country from the inside out, community by community and maybe it can just be us, a community of people that believe in an ideal that creates real change in the World.

Now, there is a thought. Change for the People by the People! Isn’t that Democracy? But instead of ballot papers you vote with your money by buying something that gives back to someone else.

Maybe we can all make a difference. You just need to believe.

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  • You guys are doing a work of great respect!. Helping people with water who actually need it the most is a great deed.

    Shivam Adhikari

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