What Matters?

So, I have a question...

What if we really practiced slowing down?

What would we see? What would we feel? What would we know?

Because I think that deep inside we know. We know what’s right in this world and we know what our heart truly wants. We know what would make us truly happy and how we can live our lives in the most beautiful and impactful ways, going to bed at night in peace knowing we’ve done the best we can. Not just for others, but for ourselves too.

Because it’s all interconnected, all part of the same system, a magical field of energy, but it’s so easy to forget. Forget to slow down and to bring awareness to each moment; to simply ask ourselves: what matters? What truly matters?

So, what matters, then?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but when I started to practice slowing down I noticed that the things that I believed mattered changed. I didn’t care so much anymore for having the “latest fashion” or looking a certain way. I also notice that the way I wanted to “treat myself” had changed. Food got a different meaning as did fashion, and I also started to view my life and all I was doing in a whole different way. It became clear to me that the love I put into this world is what will bring value, and not necessarily the things I buy or the clothes that I wear. Because at the end of the day they’re actually just that - stuff, clothes, food - but you can choose to make it be about more...

Now you may think that this is the cheesiest and most abstract blog post ever, and it might be, but I think that in order to understand the value in consciously choosing change in your life, you need to get to the core and figure out the why. And the why is simple - it’s because of love. Love for our planet, love for one another, love for the beautiful animals sharing the time on this earth with us and, most importantly, love for ourselves. Because the act of love - no matter where you give it or who you choose to share it with - is always also an act of love to yourself.

So how can I best give love?

By constantly choosing to bring awareness to each moment and by putting intention into what I do. By being here, by being aware, and by stopping myself and ask the question: what matters? Because by being fully aware I can choose compassion over grief, love over fear, and long-term value over short-term satisfactions. By slowing down and asking myself “what matters” I realized that the things I before thought I needed so badly - like snack bars to quiet by call for energy or clothes to help me “fit in” - was replaced with a deeper knowing of the energy of things. And by understanding the energy things, by seeing things not just for what they are, but for the energy and love that lies behind them, everything just all of a sudden made sense.

Today, I put soul to my money and I bring consciousness to whatever I buy. And you know what? Food has never tasted better and clothes have never made me feel more fly. It all just make so much sense. Do I feel like I’m missing out? Not at all. I’m I sacrificing parts of my life? How could I when all I’ve done is gained more? More meaning, more love, more joy and more peace. Because today, I feel a lot more whole.

Love is needed today, as is quietness, awareness and the act of slowing down. So find it within you to ask what you find to be right. Does buying a plastic bottle that most certainly will end up in our oceans seem right? Does wearing clothes made from child-labor or extremely unfair labor conditions seem right? Does eating food that will harm not only you, but also the animal it came from and the planet we live on seem right? If the answer is no, then how can you choose to put love into the situation and find an alternative, an alternative that seems more right?

There is always an alternative, and it’s never been easier than now to choose love! So live your life in love. Spend your money with love. And remember to slow down and to ask yourself: what matters? What truly matters?

Join the movement of positive change with me, for You, for Me, and for this precious Planet that is our home. #heychange

Written by,

Anne Therese Bengtsson
Instagram @annetheresebengtsson
Founder of @rolemodelsmgmt

If you want to be inspired on how you can find yourself in a happier and a more meaningful future, don’t forget to tune into my podcast Hey Change - Finding Happiness in New Realities with Anne Therese. And if you want to learn more about Yuhme and how they’re battling the water and plastic issue by creating love, check out my interview with Alex Nash in episode 030.

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