The Australia-African Connection

And there we were, on the balcony staring out at the golden sands and endless blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean. With our two young children in tow we had arrived at Currumbin, Queensland in Australia. Home to us for the next 6 weeks as a working/ family/recharging vacation, if that is at all possible? Alexandra, my wife, had had her mind set on going to Australia since we started Yuhme. She was convinced that this was the place she was meant to be, and after 6 weeks there I would struggle to put up much of an argument. The main reason for going was to spread the reach of Yuhme and to hopefully find a distributor because of the challenges of shipping to Australia. Not least, the environmental impact!

We met loads of great people from Tahlia at Dune Cafe to Sandy at the Gather Store. The girls from Whole Beings Nursery, who took care of our 2 littl’uns for 2-3 hours, 2 days a week.

There was a real community feel there which made it a great place to want to be but also to spread the word of Yuhme.

Tahlia, who is the manager at Dune Cafe, even took a day out of her life to take photos of us and the Yuhme bottles for free. She even drove us there and back! I guess I could also mention the amazing sporting facilities right on our doorstep, the 50m swimming pool, cricket nets, stand-up paddling, kayaking, cycling and of course, surfing. The community vibe and outdoor lifestyle is a great mix in my opinion, within a few days of the girls being at nursery they got invited to a Birthday party on the beach. We met loads of great businesses at small local markets, particularly Emma at African Weave. She is a social entrepreneur who sells African baskets, bags and toys weaved out of Elephant grass by women in different parts of Africa.

It was reaffirming to meet someone else who had the same passion and vision that we have with Yuhme and that even in a country on the other side of the World people were also trying to make a difference to the lives of those that have so little.

We’ve been back in Sweden nearly 2 months now and we thought we would write a bit about it because we want to share our journey with you. Alexandra, was listening to a podcast by the minimalists, and they were speaking to the Founder of Charity Water, Scott Harrison. He was retelling a story of a girl who had walked Several hours to collect water for her family. When she got home she put the pot on the ground and accidently knocked it over, spilling all the water on ground. The girl then went into the house, took some rope and hung herself in a tree outside in the village! She was 13 years old.

I reflected, maybe life isn’t about the places you want to live but more about the ones you don’t want to live. The only difference between that girl and my two little girls is the country they were born in to, we’ve still got a long way to go but it is a journey we have to travel.



  • 12/1/22

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