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What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur, I hear you ask?

And my response would be that an entrepreneur looks at a need that has to be filled and he fills it, whether it be a product or a service, to make money for himself.

A social entrepreneur, on the other hand, looks at a need that has to be filled and he fills it, whether it be a product or service, to make money that he can then give away to someone else.

Both have their rolls to play and are necessary, it’s just that one is poorer than the other!

Here at Yuhme (the poorer of the entrepreneurs) we are going to give just a little bit more by opening up our blog to guest bloggers. From other social entrepreneurs to charity workers to anyone of you who has an interesting angle on entrepreneurship, work or travel in Africa, the environment or maybe just a worldly perspective on an issue that you think concerns all of us. I can’t promise that everything we get sent will be used but why not try?

With our Yuhme reusable water bottles made from sugarcane we allow you the consumer to make a difference by donating 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic. So, why not do the same with our blog and give you a voice so you can maybe inspire someone else to make a difference.

Make sure you stay tuned every Wednesday for a new blog post and if you want to share your voice dont hesitate to email us.

One more ask from us. Please share these blog post out on social media and we will help spreading the voices of our writers. Just screenshot the blog post- tag us and the writer, and hashtag #betheyuhme. We will be sure to give you a shout- out as well!

Lets continue making a difference together!


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