My Walk for Water

Mai Getem-Ethiopia March 2017

We pulled up to the village in a caravan of Toyotas.  I wasn’t prepared for the emotion I would feel as I saw the children lined up with signs and jerry cans.  My throat felt tight as I smiled and walked through the happy line of children.  Even small children are not exempt from carrying water.  In rural Ethiopia it’s a way of life that begins at a young age.  

We walked with them to the place they collect dirty water from a hole in the ground.  The path was rocky and dusty and my feet felt unsteady in my Toms.  A young girl in a beautiful white and turquoise dress was generous to let me fill her jerry can.  One scoop of water at a time I filled the yellow can but not before a cow leaned in to share my space.  The full jerry weighed around 18 kilos or 40 lbs.  I struggled to find a way to carry it up the rocky path.  Finally, resting it on a shoulder I huffed up the path.  After a 20 minute walk I happily handed the jerry can back to the girl.  I may have taken her burden for a short time but she would have to make this walk 2-3 more times in the day.  I had a new respect and appreciation for her strength.

After our walk for water, the village gathered under the shade of a beautiful tree and we shared.  I stood up and told these strong women that I care.  In all of my spare time I sew totes to raise money for clean water.  I believe they should have water and time.  Their daughters matter. 

Did you know in Africa alone,  women spend 40 billion hours walking to collect water!  I have a daughter and I’m not okay with this.  I want girls to have time for school and I want women to have time to take care of their families.

Yuhme and I strive for the same goal- a world where everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water!  It will take a village- want to join?

Thank you Yuhme for loving the world one water bottle at a time!  

Xo  Jen

For more info go to the respective organizations here: charity: water and Water for Good 


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