Five things you can do to make an impact to the world around you

Lots of posts have been circulating the internet recently on whether we are shooting ourselves in the foot, so to speak when it comes to being sustainable. More specifically the discussion has been around the fact of whether it is necessary to buy all these sustainable products in order to “be sustainable”?

One can start by asking what does “being sustainable” mean to you? I’m not going to answer that but it’s something we should all think about before we start comparing ourselves for better or worse to others. Do you live close to a recycling plant, is my community dependent upon the fishing industry, do I live in a place where public transportation is available?

At the end of the day as we always say here at Yuhme- the best action is to actually DO something- for someone else or for the world around you.

We wanted to share a few tips on actions we have been trying to uphold recently. 

1. Plogging.
Meaning pick up the trash that you see! Whether you run, walk, swim, bike or skateboard it doesn't take many seconds to pick up litter. Always carry an extra bag with you to put the litter in and then dispose of it correctly.

2. Help other people right now- today.
Are you a lawyer- can you donate an hour of your time to your friend’s sister that is going through a divorce? Do you work at the foodstore- can you save the old produce and drop it with the homeless guy around the corner on your way home? Are you the only one of your friends that has a car, and your recycling plant is far away- carpool your recycling and take turns.

3. Eat less meat, more seasonal and local.
If you are from the northern hemisphere this can kind of suck, there are only so many dishes you can do with root vegetables for 6 months out of the year. However, the endless supplies of fresh strawberries will more than likely make up for that lack of color in the winter.

4. Eat at home.
What do you mean? Yes yes we know you got to sip your smoothies on your bike, your coffee on the train, and eat your takeout at the park for lunch. We are all for being outside, but can you eat at home and then head out? Do we always need to eat when we travel or can we go 3 hours without food? Many of the sustainable products being sold are all about being able to eat elsewhere but the table. We spend our summers in a small rural village in Croatia, a village that hasn't adapted the takeaway culture at all. What do you mean- you are not drinking your coffee at the cafe?

5. Support social and sustainable brand.
During our years and research in this venture never have we come across a social entrepreneur or a person with a sustainability passion that does it for the money. These people are trying- they might not be perfect, but they are doing something. Bringing innovation, and alternatives forward. Give them the benefit of the doubt and support them with your wallet. We wont go into the discussion on what is expensive and what isn’t. But surely if you are flying to Bali for a yoga retreat you can afford yourself some sustainable yoga pants?! (or go crazy with a water bottle purchase)

If you have any suggestions or ideas for us to try out or share please let us know. We love all of you for being a part of this community so let's continue supporting and trusting each other that each one of us is trying to do what is best for the world around us.

Lots of love,
Alex & Alex








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